Szymański Design



Ryszard Szymanski

Graphic, designer, automotive enthusiast, especially the transportationdesign. His visions are presented from the beginning DesignForum competitions. His first competition Ford T-100 gave him second place. The competition ID Fiat 500 took first place resulting in a visit in Ital Design Giugiaro in Turin. In the competition for the vision of new Warsaw two jurors awarded him third place. During the latest edition of the Fiat 500 DesignForum took third place. Also third place in the competition for electric pick-up Veep. Three times he qualified for the finals Michelin Challenge Design, so work was presented at the North American Auto Show Inaternational in Detroit. He worked in Jelcz Buses&Trucks and also in NC.ArtDesign where he participated in projects buses, is also the author of the logo and cover AutoRok (already eight edition). During car competition he avarded for new polish car Lux-Sport.