Szymański Design

12 january 2014


Mikrus Zero Carbio

Convertible version is an evolution of the concept prepared for design contest in 2008, the theme was Polish legendary Mikrus MR-300. It is an urban electric car. Motors located in the wheel hubs. Everyt wheels are driven which allows for unprecedented maneuverability. The car is for three people.

4 january 2014



Aviator X-Fighter Concept
It is a single-seater road and racing car electric powered. It is characterized by the orbital wheels and scround body. Inspired by racing cars Auto Union Type C from the 30s.

23 december 2013

ReklamaAR14 kopia



AutoRok 2013/2014

Just before Christmas will be twelfth edition of the journal AutoRok, I am the author of the logo and cover. Chronicle is a unique compendium of automotive, and also a perfect gift not only for Christmas. At over 400 pages presented backstage of contest  the Car of the Year, concept cars, and visions of the future, production cars, we get in 2014. There were plenty of comparative tests and summarize the achievements in motor sport. The idea of ​​this chronicle was awarded the "Golden Wheel" Polish Motor Association.

AutoRok 2013/2014 at a price 38 zł, will be available in Empik, Thessaloniki the Press,
and mail order (tel / fax: +48 22 675 12 95, e-mail: editorial (at)

29 december 2013



Mazda Design 2013

The fourth edition of the competition in 2013, whose theme was broadly defined bag inspired latest styling theme Mazda - KODO: Soul of Motion.

The proposal by me a travel bag on wheels modeled based on the current line of design. The product is made of Carbon which ensures low weight and strength.
Logo Kodo is illumimated which helps to be observed on a dark road and helps to improve the security of user.



23 december 2013



History Jelcz 1984-1989

The richly illustrated book dedicated to automotive vehicles and trailers as Jelcz produced in 1984-1989. Described trucks Jelcz 342 families, Jelcz 410, Jelcz 422, Jelcz 620, Jelcz 642, a prototype truck Jelcz S 662 of the system driving and runway 6 × 6, specialized cars designed for agriculture, sports trucks Jelcz S 442 XP 4 × 4 and jelcz C 417 K Hungaroring, fire vehicle Jelcz 010 GCBA 5/32, buses Jelcz PR 110, a prototype of the local bus Jelcz L 120, tour buses and long-distance Jelcz PR 110 and T-120 prototype and buses as a result of the Polish-Hungarian Empire. Also described is the cab used in the period. Posted many archives, often previously unpublished photographs.